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Namaste Studios is a yoga studio in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Drop-in for an in-studio class, and meet the team.




Barre class is a fun and effective workout combining elements of ballet, Pilates, strength training, and yoga. This class uses 2- or 3-pound weights, resistance bands, small motions and repetitions, and much laughter to help build arm strength, tone legs, and improve core stability. Join us for Friday night at the Barre to end the week strong and start the weekend with a smile.



This class is specifically designed to strengthen and support your changing body as you progress through your pregnancy.  Meditation, relaxation, and yoga postures are used to address and relieve the common discomforts of pregnancy as well as prepare you for labor and delivery.  These classes are beneficial at any time during your pregnancy.  No yoga experience required!


Beginner Slow Flow

This Gentle Yoga Flow practice is appropriate for all levels. We start with grounding & gentle stretches, then move in & out of poses fairly slowly to build body awareness and improve balance. Sequences will consist of hip opening, gentle lunging and twisting with a primary focus on alignment & safety using props such as blankets, blocks, & straps. This class will improve overall strength & flexibility. It will help you unwind & de-stress.


Restorative Yoga

Allow your body to melt into the mat and gain a sense of peace. Restorative yoga incorporates healing, passive poses, and soothing gentle stretches to help you simply let go. This class is designed to relieve tension in the mind and body. Restorative yoga is great for those recovering from illness, injury, or for those who just need to unwind from life’s daily stresses and prepare for the week ahead.​

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Core Strength Yoga

Your core is at the core of this class! Through fun flows, standing balance and some arm balance, this class works core strength and stability. Come join us as we develop strength mindfully and playfully. It's a great way to release stress with a fabulous community. We also like to throw in some laughter to really work the belly!


Shoulders, Neck & Back

This class focuses on practicing postures in a way that enhances the health of the back and spine. You'll learn to relieve tension in the back body, from the neck to the sacrum, and you'll also strengthen your core to support proper alignment of your spine. This simple but very effective yoga class to loosen up tight shoulders and the neck. These sequences will help you find length in both sides of the neck, shoulders and through the shoulder blades.


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