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As you know, we have been working daily to respond to the COVID-19 situation in the safest way. We are putting a pause on our in-person classes to help keep everyone safe and healthy. To ensure that continue to access high-quality yoga instruction with your favorite teachers, we will be providing our classes in an online format.

Today we are taking action and moving our classes online during this time of social distancing. We know you will have questions about classes, your memberships, and what this means for you so we are working diligently to respond quickly and make the transition as seamless as possible.

Look for updates, instructions, and "How To" Videos in your inbox, on our website, Facebook Page and Instagram. And you can always call or email us at any time!
We have temporarily adjusted the pricing for ALL MEMBERS, to reflect this new online experience. Starting today, we will be implementing those changes for all of you with ACTIVE memberships.

Please refer to the section below that might apply to the membership you have with us to see how we will be adjusting your membership to fit with our online platform.

All current monthly members will have their monthly payment changed to $25 for the upcoming 30 days. That means your next payment will only be $25 because that is what we are charging for online memberships.
We are working diligently to ensure the adjustments are made before your card is charged. In the odd occasion that your card is charged the full membership, it will be credited within 48 hours.


All members that have either a 3-month, 6-month, or 1-year membership, will have one Free month added onto the end of their membership, extending their ability to attend classes by 30 days.

For all members that have active 5 or 10 class passes, we will be doubling the passes that you have left on your active memberships in order to match them to the current online prices. 

New Online Memberships +

How to join us Online

If you are looking to continue practicing yoga from your home, we have set our prices for our online studio platform.


For anyone who might have questions about switching over to our online Livestream of classes, we are trying to make this as accessible to everyone as possible. We will be using Zoom to livestream classes, you are able to join through your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

You MUST be signed up for the class at least 20 minutes before the start of class in order to receive access to the Livestream Class.


In order to increase security of our online classes, ALL Classes will be locked the minute class begins. This is a new measure we will be taking in order to only let authenticated members that have signed up for class to enter the online meeting. Please make sure that you are logged in BEFORE class starts.

Simply follow the steps below:


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